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  • August 30, 2023

    Back-to-School Magic with Grandma's Touch: 5 Gifts for a Fun Learning Journey

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    Back-to-School Magic with Grandma's Touch: 5 Gifts for a Fun Learning Journey

    Unlocking Back-to-School Magic with Grandma's Gifts

    Imagine the excitement in your grandkids' eyes as they receive gifts that promise adventure, laughter, and a head start on learning. Yes, you, the incredible grandparents, hold the key to making back-to-school an unforgettable journey. 

    Step right up, dear grandparents, as we usher in a season of wonder and learning! It's that magical time of the year when backpacks are filled with dreams and pencils are poised for new discoveries. Join us on a journey where your touch transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Here's a treasure trove of handpicked gifts that will sprinkle enchantment into your grandkids' back-to-school experience


    1. Elevate Learning with Laughter: Educational Wooden Cartoon Chess Set

    grandparents and grandkids playing educational wooden cartoon chess set

      Imagine a chessboard where the pieces come to life with giggles and strategies. Get ready, because you're about to gift your grandkids not just a game, but a world of learning woven into fun.

      Calling all adventurers and chess enthusiasts! Prepare to embark on a chessboard journey like no other, where knights and queens guide young minds through the realm of strategy and laughter. This isn't just any chess set; it's an invitation to learn while having a blast. With every move, your grandkids will unravel the threads of critical thinking and imaginative play. 

      Limited time offer. 50% off!.



      educational wooden cartoon chess set review Mary
      “I gave this to my nephew as a gift for his birthday and now everytime I visit him we play chess. Great way to bond with kids! " - Mary



      2. Unleash Imagination: Colorful LCD Writing and Drawing Tablet

      kids playing with colorful lcd writing and drawing tablet

        Picture a world where imagination dances across a screen, turning scribbles into masterpieces and stories into magic. Grandparents, get ready to empower your grandkids with a tool that brings dreams to life.

        Step into a universe where creativity knows no limits! This isn't just a tablet; it's a canvas that captures your grandkids' whimsical tales and artistic aspirations. With a simple touch, they can let their imaginations run wild, sketching dreams, and practicing letters. The best part? No ink stains or paper waste, just an endless realm of creation.

        Limited time offer. 32% off!



        a girl practicing her writing in a drawing tablet
        “My daughter used to practice her writing on my iPad with a drawing app but the downside is she gets distracted easily. A moment later, she's already on YouTube watching videos. This tablet is perfect for parents like me who wants to avoid exposing their child to the internet at their young age. With this tool, I can help my daughter practice her writing and drawing without worrying." - Ann



        3. Learning Adventures in Hand: My First Portable Fun Activity Learning Montessori Book

        a granddaughter with her learning montessori activity book

          Buckle up, because your grandkids are about to embark on a learning adventure that fits snugly in their hands. With this activity book, everyday becomes a quest for knowledge, no matter where they are. 

          Hold onto your hats, grandparents, because this book is a ticket to a learning journey that never stops. No more waiting for the school bell to ring; now, every moment is a chance to explore, discover, and learn. From tracing shapes to unraveling puzzles, this book is a gateway to the joy of discovery, anytime and anywhere. 

          Limited Time Offer! 44% Off!



          my first portable fun activity learning montessori book
          “This book is so worth the price with the value and relief it brings. Buying this book proved to kill two birds with a stone. My daughter gets to develop and engage herself while I get to have my peace and ME time." - Lisa



          4. Counting Fun with Math Wooden Counting Sticks: Numbers Brought to Life

          a kid playing with the math wooden counting sticks

            Imagine numbers coming to life in a burst of color and excitement. Get ready, because you're about to introduce your grandkids to a world of counting that's more fun than they ever imagined. 

            Get ready for a math-filled adventure that's as entertaining as it is educational! These aren't just sticks; they're tools that turn numbers into vibrant friends, waiting to be arranged, counted, and played with. As your grandkids explore the world of numbers through play, they'll build a solid foundation in math while having a blast. 

            Limited stock available.



            a boy playing with the math wooden counting sticks
            “This toy has really helped to improve my child's mathematical skills within a short time. He finds it really engaging and fun to the point where he requests to take it out." - Rose



            5. Building Brainpower: The Geometric Shape Cognitive Tetris Puzzle Game

            a granddaughter playing with geometric shape cognitive tetris puzzle

              Hold on to your hats, grandparents, because you're about to introduce your grandkids to a world of shapes and puzzles that will ignite their imagination and challenge their minds.

              Calling all puzzle enthusiasts and shape-shifting experts! This isn't just a puzzle; it's a voyage into a land of shapes and patterns that will stretch your grandkids' thinking muscles. Watch as they arrange the pieces to reveal intricate designs, all the while building problem-solving skills that will serve them well in the classroom and beyond. 

              Limited Time Offer! 50% Off!



              a child playing with the geometric shape cognitive tetris puzzle game
              “This game is so interactive. It gets my kids to play together and reduces their time on cell phones or tablets. I highly recommend it!" - Heather





              Grandparents, you're the architects of joy, the painters of dreams, and the storytellers of a love for learning. With these gifts, you're not just marking back-to-school; you're creating memories that will shine forever. 

              As the school bells chime and the classrooms come to life, your gifts will stand as a testament to your boundless love and creativity. These treasures are more than just items; they're bridges to a world of learning where every moment is an opportunity for discovery. With your touch, this back-to-school season will be etched in your grandkids' hearts as a time of wonder and joy. 

              Ready to make this back-to-school a season of enchantment? Dive into our collection and discover gifts that will spark your grandkids' journey of learning. Let the magic begin! 


              Jenny B.

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              Jenny B.

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