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  • January 11, 2022

    Why Kids Love Taking Selfies?

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    Why Kids Love Taking Selfies?

    If you’re a mom or a dad and you let your kid use your mobile phone, it won’t come as a surprise to you if you find your phone full of their selfies and pictures. Kids not only find smartphones fascinating, but they also love to explore their appearance and appreciate how great they look, just like what they do when they look at themselves in the mirror.

    Kids, especially toddlers, are at a stage where they are quickly developing their sense of individual identity, according to an article published in The Atlantic. 

    Is it Safe to Let Your Kids Take Selfies on Your Mobile Phone?

    Although some pictures might look adorable on social media, it's important for parents to keep in mind that they should never let small children play with smartphones unsupervised as there are many dangers involved such as exposure to inappropriate content or even something life-threatening like drowning if the phone falls into the water.

    Although there is no substitute for parental supervision and mobile phones can be dangerous for babies and kids, allowing your kids to take selfies can help them explore their self-identity and promote creativity. Studies on taking selfies even show that it can be a source of empowerment.

    But to make taking selfies safer, it is best to use a camera that is specifically designed for kids and has kid-friendly features. This will help build trust and bond between you and your children. It’s also a great way to teach them about basic photographic principles.

    Here are some parent-approved and teacher-approved cameras designed especially for kids:

    1. Little Lens Kids Camera

    Main features:

    • Designed for small hands
    • Multifunctional with HD 1080P, 12 MP, Games, and IPS Screen
    • Comes with a dozen cartoon photo frames built-in
    • Designed for small hands
    • Shock-proof
    • Takes photos for 1-2 hours after it’s fully charged

    Let your child capture the moments that make them unique! The Little Lens Kids Camera is made out of lightweight and safe materials to encourage creativity. It's easy enough for young kids, but will grow with their interests as they become more experienced photographers or videographers in later years.

    Feedback on Little Lens Kids Camera:

    “Awesome kids camera! My kids have been begging for their own camera but we obviously don’t want to buy an expensive one. This is perfect! Lightweight, includes a memory card, USB rechargeable, and lots of fun settings my kid will love the most. There’s a bunch of silly or birthday & holiday frames (heart frame in pics) and a bunch of filters (a few filter examples in pics). Nice packaging too. Ready to gift!" - Corey (Sidney)




    1. Kids Instant Print Camera

    Main features:

    • Thermal printing with vivid and clear photos
    • 100% Sage and Eco-friendly
    • Unlimited printing that never uses ink
    • Each roll can print up to 80 sheets
    • Sharp images with pre-loaded frames
    • Front & rear 12.0MP selfie camera

    The Kids Instant Print Camera is captivating and fun to use. Watch your child's excitement rise while their pictures are printing before their eyes! This polaroid, lightweight design makes it easy for little ones to take some unique pictures that they can treasure as a keepsake or gift from you.

    Feedback on Kids Instant Print Camera:

    “My son loves taking his camera with him everywhere! He seems to be really passionate about taking photos, in fact, it captivates him more than playing video games!" - Megan (New York)




    1. Sports Mini Camera

    Main features:

    • Take photos while swimming and diving with the waterproof case and bracket
    • Designed for small hands
    • 60 minutes of playing games, recording videos and taking pictures
    • Includes multiple cartoon frames, filters, color sketches, and mirror effects
    • Multifunctional – kids can listen to songs by connecting their PC to the camera USB cable port

    The Sports Mini Camera is a must-have for every kid who loves exploring outdoors. They can record videos and take pictures anytime, even during underwater adventures with ease. The different frames that come in this fun little device allow children to experiment creatively by selecting effects for their photos—they are limited only by imagination, which means anything is possible when it comes to capturing memories on film. This camera has a 400mAh battery that allows them 60 minutes of usage time.

    Feedback on Sports Mini Camera:

    “Bought it for my niece, and she loves it. She hasn’t attached it to her bike, but she takes it to the pool for her hilarious underwater pictures and videos. It’s so fun to watch." - Laura (Rome)




    1. Pet Instant Print Camera

    Main features:

    • Camera with instant printing using thermal printer technology
    • Dual camera (front and back) that can capture HD 1080 films and 26MP photographs
    • With built-in filters and photo stickers
    • 2-inch high definition screen
    • Has a drop-resistant silicone cover

    This cute and lightweight Pet Instant Print Camera is a fun way to give your kids an outlet for their creativity. It lets your kids take pictures on the spot with various filters or photo stickers. Kids will also never run out of ink as this uses zero-ink thermal paper technology. Your little one will be the star of their own movie with this camera as they can capture professional HD 1080P films and 26MP photographs. There are also built-in, 35 photo frames, 7 photo effects, and six color video modes that will encourage your child to explore more.

    Feedback on Pet Instant Print Camera:

    “I purchased this toy for my niece who is 2 years old. He enjoys completing the puzzle.  It was supposed to be a Christmas gift but when he saw it, he plays with it all day long." – Nancy (Wellington)




    1. Mini Digital Elephant Toy Camera

    Main features:

    • Captures high-quality photos and videos with 2400P photo resolution
    • Quick and easy photo and video transfer with WIFI connectivity
    • 32G SD memory card included
    • Cute and lightweight design is perfect for little hands

    This Mini Digital Elephant Toy Camera is the perfect solution for parents looking to engage their child in a fun and creative way. It has an intuitive design that makes taking photos or videos easy, making it great with little ones. This toy will have children exploring everything around them while they learn the basics of photography.

    Feedback on Mini Digital Elephant Toy Camera:

    “I gave this to my 5-year-old daughter, and she loves it! Now that she has figured out how to take a picture, she hasn't stopped playing with it." - Jennifer (Toronto)




    After choosing a kid-friendly camera for your kid, you can follow these tips to help them get creative with their selfies:

    1. Ask kids to take selfies with toys and pets

    Kids love taking selfies, but they might lose interest over time and stop wanting to take them if you don't know how to push their imaginations and creativity. What's even more exciting than asking your kids to pose for a selfie is asking them to take selfies with their favorite toys or pets. This way, they will be able to express themselves better, resulting in quality photos that will make you say "aww" as soon as you see them.

    1. Ask kids to take pictures of their favorite things to build self-expression

    Kids might get tired of selfie poses for kids, but they will surely love taking pictures of their favorite things which you can print out and hang on the wall in your living room so that you and your child's friends can view them when they come over. These photos also serve as a reminder for both you and the little one about the good memories spent together with his or her best friends.

    1. Take photos of kids with their toys while participating in outdoor activities

    One concern many people have when it comes to allowing kids to take selfies is letting them play with cameras while they are in a car. Although it is not safe to let them play with cameras when they're in a moving vehicle, taking pictures of your little one while they're playing sports or riding their bikes will help you give them encouragement so that they can stay active outside instead of being cooped up inside the house all day long.

    1. Let kids take selfies in front of a mirror

    Selfie poses for kids can be very tricky since kids don't know how to pose properly yet, but if you have a mirror at home then it's easy for them to take selfies because there's an instant preview which makes it easier to tell them what facial expressions and body movements work well for them. The mirror also gives kids the chance to see their faces up close, which can help you improve selfies with your kid.


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