Toddler Toys to Improve Fine Motor Skills

Toddler Toys to Improve Fine Motor Skills

Toddler Toys to Improve Fine Motor Skills

Ever worry about your child developing quality motor skills? With the increased use of technology, children spend more and more time on the screen and less playing with others, outdoors, or with toys. Developing basic motor skills is essential for children to have a healthy and fruitful life. So, is there an entertaining alternative to tablets, phones, and TV screens? Here are some fun toddler toys to improve fine motor skills.  

Dinosaur Adventure Roller Coaster Set

This entertaining dino set features an interactive design that will keep kids playing for hours. Practical and intuitive, it's easy to build but challenging enough so that children can gain confidence and a sense of achievement after setting it up. The process of connecting each piece requires the use of fine motor skills. The toy is also perfect for strengthening social skills while playing with parents or other children.




Geometric Shape Cognitive Tetris Puzzle Game

This colorful Tetris game is ideal for strengthening motor skills. Figuring out how to play each geometric piece together is a perfect challenge for children to use hand-eye coordination. Simultaneously the game helps children develop problem-solving and thinking abilities as they think of the best strategy to connect each piece. Last but not least, you and your child can enjoy quality bonding time by playing together!




Noah’s Ark Matching Shape Toy Set

Children will learn multiple essential skills by exploring and playing with this Noah's Ark set. Its interactive design features hollow cavities in the shape of various figures that challenge children to use their motor skills. Placing each figure through its respective holes activates tactile skills and spatial reasoning. The story-inspired toy also stimulates imagination, keeping children entertained and inspired to keep playing. 


Montessori Fishing Toy

This unique toy features the utmost interactive and entertaining design. Fishing out each little piece puts children's motor skills to the test providing a fun but challenging experience thanks to its super engaging nature. The game also helps develop problem-solving skills, which boosts children's confidence and sense of achievement. And it's ideal for playing with others




Ring Toss Game Set

This super fun toy provides the perfect combination of a challenging and fun experience. The game consists of aiming and tossing rings which require coordination skills that help toddlers develop fine motor control. They'll constantly exert strength and use hand-eye coordination during the game. It's also the perfect excuse to play outside and get fresh air with other kids or parents. It's an ideal opportunity to provide quality playtime for your child.