Educational Musical Coloring Ring

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This educational musical coloring ring delivers a fascinating exercise to promote children’s multi-skills through the organization of colorful rings.
  • Develops size recognition
  • Fun-filled parent-baby bonding
  • Help kids learn spatial relationship
  • Aids color recognition
  • Safe for play
  • Boost musical growth and recognition of sounds

Musical Coloring
Educational musical coloring ring for children

This toy brings excitement and fun to your kids. As they touch it, there will be a brisk "ding, ding, ding" sound with the rotation of the base, giving the baby a beautiful auditory stimulation while playing.

This toy helps your child's color discrimination and artistic exploration. It teaches them to recognize seven colors.

Our toy is made of high-quality plastic that is both sturdy and smooth. The surface is polished with water-based paint. It is non-toxic and odorless. When babies play, they are well-protected and free of worry.
Colors, rings, and music!This musical coloring ring is a dynamic design that inspired children to use their linguistic, motor, and cognitive skills, allowing them to take the next step in their learning. It can be played alone and rebuilt. Our toys and games are created with the highest quality standard and care and a user-friendly and enriching environment. It can help children distinguish the shape, size, color, sequence, and promote children's brain development. The sizes of the seven rainbow circles are different.
Cheerful musicOur educational toy helps children to distinguish the shape, size, color, order, and direction of the sound source and promote the development of their brains. These toys are made of high-quality, sturdy, non-toxic plastic safe for play, durable, and long-lasting. One-click to open the music box to turn on the cheerful music, let your child listen to and play as they want.
Sorting trainingGet your kids exposed to structure, order, and systemic flow from a tender age. Due to the rainbow circle's design that gradually shrinks from bottom to top, and the middle column is also from thick to thin, so this toy helps your child in sorting training. If your kids arrange the rainbow circle incorrectly, it will not fit in. The baby's sorting ability can be exercised through the ring game. Get your kids exploring the basics of arithmetic long before they face it in school.
Material: Plastic
Product Dimension: 30 cm x 16 cm x 16 cm (11.81 in x 6.30 in x 6.30 in)
Weight: 650g (1.43 lbs)
Age: 1+ years

CARE TIPS: Clean the surface gently with a dry cloth.
Our toy is suitable for children under the age of 3.
Yes, the surface of the toy is polished with non-toxic and water-based paint.
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