Glow In The Dark Sports Balls

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Wouldn't it be cool to play basketball or football with a ball that lights up? With this Glow In The Dark Sports Balls, kids can keep the fun going even after hours. Thanks to absorbing sunlight during the day, the unique balls can then glow in the dark, making nighttime games extra entertaining and easier to play!

  • Glow in the dark sports balls
  • Extra resistant material
  • Self-charging
  • For all playing fields
  • Easy to grip and handle

Play fun nighttime games with this super fun Glow In The Dark Sports Balls!

Enjoy fun nighttime play thanks to a sunlight powered design that makes the balls glow in the dark.

Play on any field including rubber, cement, stone, and indoor thanks to a highly wear-resistant leather and elastic nylon material.

Benefit from easy ball manipulation thanks to a textured surface that generates friction and easy gripping.
Provide your child with a super durable glow in the dark ball
With a unique light absorption design, this Glow in the Dark Sports Ball provide fun nighttime play. By having the balls light up, it's easier to see, making games more viable and safe. Its elastic nylon and top-quality leather material ensure a durable experience.

The wear-resistant material withstands any playing field, including rubber, cement, stone, or indoor. The unique balls also feature a unique textured surface, making it easy for children to grip and maintain control.
Dark Mode - ON!
Material: PU soft leather; nylon yarn; butyl liner
Recommended Age: 6+ years

Please do not play when it's raining
Do not sit on the ball
Do not press with heavy objects
Wipe with a rag after use
Do not wash directly with water
Yes, the balls are ideal for any indoor or outdoor playing field.
This ball features elastic nylon material, with an ideal 1.2m - 1.4m rebound height.
Leave the ball exposed to direct sunlight during the day for an ideal glow.
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