Interactive Two-Player Table Hockey

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Bring the excitement of this unique game to your family with the Interactive Two-Player Table Hockey. The mortise and tenon structure in the game's design adds to its aesthetic appeal but also ensures that the game is sturdy and built to last.

With this game, families can enjoy friendly competition while improving their speed, eyesight, and hand-eye coordination, making it an ideal choice for parents seeking an interactive and educational option for their child.

  • Interactive Two-Player Table Hockey
  • Exciting experience strengthens parent-child bonding
  • Improved physical and cognitive skills
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Family fun for all ages and skill levels

Bring Your Family Together with this Fun and Exciting Game

The unique design of the chess pieces allows them to pass through the hole in the middle with the elasticity of the rubber band, adding an extra level of excitement to the game.

Expert crafting with a wooden mortise and tenon structure adds aesthetic appeal and ensures stability and longevity for endless hours of play.

Players of all ages and skill levels can benefit from a fun and friendly competition for the whole family, promoting parent-child bonding through interactive play. Whether you're an adult or a child, you can enjoy this exciting and engaging game together.
Bring the Fun Home with this Table Hockey Game!
In this Interactive Two-Player Table Hockey, players aim to occupy their opponent's "territory" by using the elasticity of the rubber band to pass their chess piece through the hole in the middle of the board. Players take turns making their moves, and the first player to occupy all of their opponent's territories wins the game.

With its innovative design, sturdy construction, and family-friendly competition, this chess set is the perfect addition to any game collection.
Material: Wood
Dimensions: 8.66 in (22 cm) x 13.78 in (35 cm)
Recommended Age: 3+ years

What's in the box?:
1 Table Hockey board
5 white chess pieces
5 black chess pieces
Yes, the game is designed to be enjoyed by both adults and children but the size is designed for kids.
The game is made of wood and has a selection of wooden mortise and tenon structure for stability and durability. The chess pieces are made of two different colors for easy distinction.
The chess piece passes through the hole in the middle through the elasticity of the rubber band to occupy the opponent's side. Players aim at the hole and pass through precisely, making for an exciting and interactive competition.
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