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The Interactive Hide & Squeak Eggs are the perfect combination of fun and education for your child. With a cute design and interactive features, this toy is sure to capture your little one's attention and encourage learning!
  • Educational geometric squeaking egg toy for kids
  • Encourages sensory and cognitive development
  • Teaches color recognition and matching skills
  • Promotes fine motor and shape sorting skills
  • Compact and portable for on-the-go fun
  • Safe and high-quality plastic material

The perfect toy to engage your child's senses and promote learning

Cute and colorful chicks that chirp when pressed provide a sensory experience that encourages auditory development and stimulation.

The shape-sorting activity promotes fine motor skills and cognitive development as your child learns to match the eggs with the corresponding shapes.

The compact and portable design of the toy makes it perfect for on-the-go fun, allowing your child to learn and play anytime, anywhere.
Provide your child with a fun and engaging early learning experience!
The Early Learning Hide & Squeak Eggs are an engaging and educational toy that encourages sensory and cognitive development, color recognition, and shape sorting skills. Pressing the cute and colorful chicks inside the eggs makes them chirp, providing a sensory experience that stimulates auditory development.

The egg carton provides a shape-sorting activity, promoting fine motor skills and cognitive development as your child learns to match the eggs with the corresponding shapes. A compact and portable design makes the toy perfect for taking on the go for fun learning anywhere.
Material: Plastic
Recommended Age: 3-6 years

What's in the box?:
1 x Carton Egg Tray (Storage Box)
6 x squeaky eggs
Yes, the eggs are made with high-quality and durable materials that are safe for your child to play with. Additionally, the toy is designed to meet the highest safety standards to ensure a worry-free playtime for both you and your child.
The toy is suitable for children aged 3 years and above, making it the perfect learning and playtime companion for toddlers and preschoolers.
The set includes six toy eggs with different geometric shapes and colors, providing an engaging and fun learning experience for your child.
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